About Us

We offer a wide range of consulting services for several industries. We help IT, Electronics & Telecom Equipment Manufacturers to get their products certified to meet all the compliance requirements as per the Indian Govt. Standard.

Climatic testing


Climatic testing puts a product through a range of scenarios – from heat to cold, humidity to pressure – to ascertain how well it can withstand different environments.


EMC, or electromagnetic compatibility, is the interaction of electromagnetic energy generated by electronic equipment and the surrounding environment. The three main methods of classifying these interactions are through Emission, Susceptibility, and Immunity.

IP Test


Electrical Enclosure Testing is extremely important. NEMA250 identifies various levels of enclosures.

  1. Solid particle IP Testing
  2. Water Ingress Protection Testing

    Our Story

    PRIDE TESTING SERVICES was founded by the idea to help and support those manufacturers, traders and importers who are looking for the best, reliable, trustable company for getting their legal compliances approvals on a fast track from various government bodies.



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