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We offer wide range of consulting services for several industries. We help the IT, Electronics & telecom Equipment Manufacturers to get their products certified to meet all the compliance requirements as per the Indian Govt. Standard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the categories of testing required for EMI EMC compliance?

The testing required for EMI-EMC compliance falls into the following categories:

  • Conducted emissions
  • Radiated emissions
  • Conducted immunity
  • Radiated immunity
  • ESD Immunity
  • Transient Immunity
  • Surge Immunity

What are the different types of EMI?

The different types of EMI are as follows:

  • Conducted EMI
  • Common Mode EMI
  • Differential mode EMI
  • Radiated EMI

What is the role of BEE?

The role of BEE is to co-ordinate with designated consumers, designated agencies and other organizations and recognize, identify and utilize the existing resources and infrastructure, in performing the functions assigned to it under the Energy Conservation Act. The Energy Conservation Act provides for regulatory and promotional functions.

What are the objectives of BEE?

  • To provide policy framework and direction to national energy conservation activities.
  • To establish systems and procedures to measure monitor and verify energy efficiency improvements, in individual sectors as well as at the National level.
  • To leverage multi-lateral, bi-lateral and private sector support in implementations of programs and projects on efficient use of energy and its conservation.
  • To coordinate policies and programs on efficient use of energy and its conservation with the involvement of stakeholders.
  • To coordinate policies and programs on efficient use of energy and its conservation with the involvement of stakeholders.
  • To demonstrate energy efficiency delivery mechanism as, envisaged in the Energy Conservation Act, through private- public partnership.

How do you get ETA from WPC and how to check WPC license application status?

To obtain an ETA for de-licensed frequency band devices, a detailed test report of the equipment obtained from a well-recognized laboratory has to be submitted to WPC for evaluation. To check your wpc licence application status visit, click on the application status link. Login through your credentials and your application status will be visible.

Which is the mandatory product list and documents for WPC Approval?

Required Documents: Radio Frequency’ (RF) Test Report is required in soft copy from any NABL accredited Indian lab or ISO 17025 accredited foreign lab.
Filing of application for obtaining equipment type approval shall be made to the Wireless Adviser to Govt. of India. Preparation and Submission of required documents along with a complete copy of the Radio Test report (RF test report) carried out on the product from an accredited test laboratory.
Documents of Product’s Technical Details: Describing technical information about a product, such as a user manual etc.

What are the benefits of BIS Certification?

Benefits of BIS Certification are:

  • Ensure best quality products as per Indian standards.
  • Ensures consumers safety and health.
  • Develops consumer’s trust in products.
  • Promotes import and export substitutes.

What are the requirements of BIS Certification?

To obtain a BIS licence, the manufacturer must have the necessary manufacturing infrastructure, appropriate process controls, quality control, and testing capabilities for the product in accordance with relevant Indian Standards (ISS). The product must also meet all of the requirements outlined in the ISS.



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